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SMM (Social Media Marketing) is a tool for customers and sales from social networks.

Today, SMM is not only cats and likes, but also real sales. Of course, you can just create a community, post 5 posts a week there, and wait for the crowds of new customers to come. That doesn’t work. Without a systematic approach, there will be no result. Find more info about marketing media social.

Where to begin? Since the development of an SMM strategy — a plan to achieve the company’s business goals with the help of social networks. The strategy will help determine the goals of your presence in public media, ways to achieve them, set priorities, and most importantly, predict the potential effect and stay on track.

To write an effective strategy, you need:
assess the current position of the brand in social networks: the number and activity of subscribers, the relevance and quality of releases, find all the mentions — what and how they say about you;
conduct a competitive analysis;
make a portrait of the consumer;
formulate a unique selling proposition — something that distinguishes the company and its product / service from competitors. Brainstorming with colleagues helps, customer surveys — why they chose you; It’s not just low prices that can set you apart from your competitors;
determine the format of presence on the platforms.
Formats of presence in social networks:
commercial format: you do not hide your commercial interest and openly offer to buy your product or service. As a rule, such groups host a product catalog, discussions are held with questions and feedback from customers, and the content is commercial in nature. The purpose of the commercial format is sales;
interest format. Such communities build a sales funnel. The goal is to collect as many potential customers as possible from the target audience, and then publish ads little by little. As a rule, at first subscribers do not even know that the resource belongs to the enterprise. Users are involved in public through interests, publishing useful and relevant information and research: about music, business, fashion, cooking, etc.;
mixed format. The company acts as an expert — it publishes useful thematic materials, periodically diluting it with commercial ones. If the information is useful, unique and relevant, then your reputation as experts will grow, and hence the loyalty of traffic. Your opinion will be trusted, advice will be listened to and, most importantly, it will correlate with the promoted brand. The level of professional competence is one of the key factors that influences the purchase decision. Community administrators understand that only commercial banners will cause boredom and negativity, so they provide information useful for business by mentioning the brand.

Author | genom Comments | 0 Date | 10.11.2022